Below is a selection of the talented artists we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Contact us today to get started.

The Outlawz

The Outlawz were touring Australia and needed a producer who could produce a beat and record their vocals featuring an Australian Rap Artist. Sydney Recording produced a track including the beat and we recorded the vocals. The results left them amazed. You can listen to it below.

Afro Ch!ld

Afro Ch!ld has now become a regular client of Sydney Recording. For this track “Letter to Mama Africa” (featured below), he had a vision, but needed sampling, programming, mixing and recording. The ideas were there, but the track needed work. Sydney Recording was able to bring this project to life. We found the samples he required. Added the production he required. The response for this track has been incredible.

Here’s another track from Afro Ch!ld that we helped produce, called Miss Cardio.


NJE came to Sydney Recording with a track that had weak drum patterns and needed vocal recording. Sydney Recording completed the track for NJE. The track also got rotation on major video channels. He was that impressed that he left the testimonial below.

NJE continues to be a regular client of Sydney Recording.

Working with Sydney Recording was Magic. Anthony and his team did a great job, every artist or musican must work with this winning team.

Low Cutt

Low Cutt came to Sydney Recording after hearing from others the work we have been producing. When coming in, he asked asked us to create the concept from scratch. We were able to bring Low Cutt’s ideas to life. He is now a regular client.

Listen below to one of the songs we helped him create.

Some Cities

Some Cities was a band that came to Sydney Recording after they had recorded the track featured below. They needed mixing and engineering done. They had told us they had used 2 production teams before us but could not get the results needed. Sydney Recording was able to remix and engineer the track to ready release quality. The track was then shortly released on the Internet.


Anneli’s track that she brought to us was very basic. She had done a demo at home with her vocals. The music sounded computerised and needed production. Sydney Recording was able to fatten the beat up. New drums, no programming and arrangements. We also recorded her vocals with additional mixing. The result speaks for itself and you can listen below.

Such a masterful production and wonderful cooperation – thank you for a truly inspiring session!