From Concept to Platinum

Sydney Recording is Sydney’s Leading Production Music/Audio Company. Our Team of producers can cater to any Music or Production need, that is required by our clients. Our tailored packages enable aspiring or professional musicians to “cut” a complete recording in a cost effective manner using the latest equipment, techniques and effects.

we start with you

It sounds cliché, but it’s true. We’re here to support your music and your vision. Our goal is to make your music sound just the way you want it to. And when you need help to create a sound or develop an idea, our experience and knowledge will help you do just that. Have a listen to some of the artists we’ve had the privilege of working with, and then contact us to get started with your project.

the best technology

We use only the best technology to deliver the best quality to your work. That includes Cubase 8 and Logic Pro X, plus a whole host of plugins. Combined with incredible recording devices, microphones and more, we’ll help you develop the depth of sound and quality that your music deserves.

you’ll keep coming back

There’s one thing in common with our clients… they become friends and keep coming back. Sometimes recording can be an intimidating process. We’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed and that’s why we’ve developed relationships with artists that lasts for years.